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Vihi village, Suure - Jaani parish, Viljandi county


Hiking in the Nature

Our tour guides will take you on hiking trips both on forest trails and in the bog.
We are cooperating with Edu Kuill, one of the most valued and exciting guides in Soomaa, who will take you on a hike along the Soomaa trails, on the Hüpassaare bog or on the Sakala hiking trail, during which you will be taught to feel the ancient rhythms of nature. Edu is a follower and practitioner of ancient shamanistic knowledge of nature. He tries to decipher them and connect them to modern life. Edu says, "I live my normal life, in an unusual way!"

As Vanaõue is located on the famous Sakala hiking trail, each guest can go for a walk or jog on the marked hiking trails on their own too.

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