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NEW! Workshops Handmade by EVE

The lovely Eve Loode has joined our community of service providers, whose activities can be viewed on her Handmade by EVE Facebook page . Eve is one of the most creative, sweet and cheerful people we have ever met.

Eve has put together 30 different workshop topics, according to the seasons and the interests of the society. The workshops are creative, educational and affordable for children, inspiring women and technically exciting for men.
Under Eve's guidance, everyone can create something with their own hands and take their work home.

Shall we start felting soap, making a terrarium or pouring acrylic instead? But what if you made a carpet or moss instead?

* Number of participants from 10-20 craftsmen (depending on the theme of the workshop).

We have all the necessary materials and tools.

The duration of the workshops is 1.5 - 2 hours and in some workshops also 3 hours.

We can offer all the topics of the workshops in a way that suits the interests and agenda of your company.


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