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According to the Finns, the right sauna must definitely have wood heating. At Vanaõue, we believe that only a smoke sauna, which must be heated for hours, offers real pleasure. The moist air escaping from under the roof of the smoke sauna gives a special feeling to your body. Smoke sauna is also the best place for meditation and relaxation, because in the heat of 50-70 degrees you can stay longer than in a regular sauna. However, taking time out is the first rule of going to the sauna.

We offer hot tub rental both in summer and winter. The barrel is located by the Finnish sauna in the Main House on the river bank and can accommodate up to 8 people at a time.

Saada päring

Get to know our saunas:

Finnish sauna in the main building

The Finnish sauna is ideal for a larger group (20-25in). The sauna also has a large relaxing room and direct access to the terrace.

200 € / evening

Log cabin sauna

Separate sauna house with relaxing room and terrace. Perfect for up to 20 guests. 

250 € / night

Smoke sauna

A sauna with an atmosphere of ancient Estonia, which every person should try in their life. It is an experience that you will remember-
Sauna can accommodate up to 15 people at a time.

300 € / night

Hot tub

A nice addition to the Main House sauna. Up to 6-8 people at a time.

200 € / night
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