Catering at Vanaõue Holiday Centre

We wish to offer you a taste experience worth remembering, offering food which relates to Vanaõue and our surroundings. You can thus find delicacies made of locally raised lamb and trout from our menu; this year, we also introduced game meat. Snacks prepared on the spot make banquets more festive and home-made pies await you in seminars. To simplify your choice, we have compiled sets of the dishes that could add taste to your special day.  

We use organic and farm products as much as possible! 

All of this is served in Vanaõue style: with a mixture of a cupful of tradition, handful of modernity and a heaped scoopful of care!

As we prepare all the dishes from fresh raw produce especially for you, our kitchen is open and food prepared only when pre-ordered.

At Vanaõue, we value local and home-made food - we use as much local raw produce as possible and prefer farm products. We are actively engaged in organic farming, one part of which is SHEEP BREEDING. We offer lavish banquets for our customers, which now include delicacies made of lamb (ham, marinated lamb, lamb stews, roast lamb, Vanaõue house specialities smoked leg of lamb or lamb ribs prepared in a smoke sauna) or a bit more exciting taste experiences  -  grilled lamb. 


Hearty lamb solyanka of Vanaõue lamb 5,00 €
Creamy puree soup with trout 4,50 €
Homemade chicken-dumpling soup 4,00 €
Light vegetable soup 3,00 €


House speciality of local trout 15,00 €
Roast pork with peaches and black prunes7,50 €
Chicken fillet with peach sauce 7,00 €
Stuffed chicken fillet
9,00 €
Pork schnitzel 7,00 €
Stuffed schnitzel 9,00 €
Traditional roast pork 7,00 €
The hunter’s roast (game meat) 12,00 €
Roasted Vanaõue lamb 10,00 €
Vanaõue cutlet of Vanaõue lamb and pork 7,00 €
Roast chicken in honey marinade 5,00 €
Battered fish 5,00 €
Meat stew5,00 €
The robber’s hot rib roast 8,00 €


Lamb shish kebab of Vanaõue lamb 10,00 €
Chicken shish kebab 8,00 €
Grilled steak 8,50 €
Assortment of grilled lamb, pork and chicken 12,00 €
MAXI meat assortment 15,00 €


Fruit with whipped cream 2,50 €
Home-made curd cake 2,50 €
Kama flour mousse 2,00 €
Black bread treat 2,00 €