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Vihi village, Suure - Jaani parish, Viljandi county


About Us

About Us

Vanaõue Holiday Center is amid the peaceful nature of Viljandi County, by the river of Navesti. Birdsong and pines singing in the mornings as you wake up in the comfy rooms in our Main House. For those who desire a real nature experience we offer accommodation in our camping houses. You will never get bored here! You can choose from many activities including hiking, canoeing, paintball, and archery. Our kitchen serves only local and delicious food from the forest, pantries, and farms in Soomaa. You are welcome!

Successful tourism object in Southern Estonia / project "Genuine Southern Estonia"
Recognition of the Quality Program "Sign of Strong Development"
The title and recognition of the Most Successful Tourism Company in Viljandi County


The map of Vanaõue shows our most important accommodations and activities.

Our story

Vesi voolab
The history of Vanaõue Holiday Center dates back decades.
A water-powered watermill has once worked here. After a fire in the early 80's, only the stone walls of the main building remained. There was also an open bar in the early 1990s.
To date, we have expanded several times ...
The list of our services is wide and we have grown so much. Almost every year we surprise our customers with something new. 2022 we  renovated our Main House and built a fun adventure park for kids.
Our suites and saunas offer relaxing time ...
As a second sauna, we offer a traditional Estonian smoke sauna, located directly on the river bank. The sauna was built originally in the beginning of the last century. The smoke sauna is characterized by a unique aroma and a particularly relaxing effect.
Our two suites offer a pleasant stay: from the second floor suite you can enjoy the river view from the jacuzzi, and from the spacious first floor suite with handmade furniture, you will relax in the sauna.
Hiking in nature and many other sports activities in the beautiful nature of Soomaa
Those interested in an active holiday can hike in a unique landscape (Navesti Nature Reserve), where both the bog community and the sand dunes are connected. We also organize longer walking and cycling trips to Soomaa National Park.
On the diverse Navesti River flowing through Vanaõue, we organize canoe trips on the beginner's route as well as more exciting trips for the more experienced hikers.
For the more athletic, our list of services also includes archery, paint-ball and adventure games.

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