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Vihi village, Suure - Jaani parish, Viljandi county

Vanaoue puhkekeskuse peamaja

The Main House

The Main House of Vanaõue Holiday Center is a building with a long history that has just undergone a major renovation. In the Main House you can find a relaxing sauna, seminar rooms and more luxurious as well as simply cozy rooms.

There are two halls in the Main Building, where you can meet for conferences. Both are equipped with modern technology. Also the two halls are suitable for having any other event.

Vanaõue Main House has the atmosphere of an old watermill what makes it an unforgettable experience and a great place to stay. You are always welcome!


Rooms at the Main House

Suite with sauna

Super Luxury - Suite with sauna is a separate experience. In addition, the entire suite is decorated with handmade furniture

Suite with Jacuzzi

An ideal opportunity for evening romance and relaxation. There is also a balcony where you can enjoy the peace of nature.

Room for two

One of the most popular rooms with everything you need for a good night's sleep and stay.

Room for three

If the double room is too small, you can always choose a room larger by one bed to fall asleep.
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