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Vihi village, Suure - Jaani parish, Viljandi county

Summer Fun for Teams

Summer days are full of sunshine and fun in the company of your colleagues. At Vanaõue, you can go on an adventure in the adventure park, play paintball, organize a canoe trip for a team of up to 100 members on the beautiful Navesti River and much more. Always tasty food, comfortable accommodation and beautiful surroundings. We have enough space for 110 people in comfy beds!



Whether you want a suite in the Main House with a jacuzzi, a simple and cozy camping house or a private holiday home - in Vanaõue, on the banks of the Navesti River, you have all these possibilities. In total we accommodate up to 50 guests in the winter season and 110 guests in the summer. There are also camping sites in summer. 

Our accommodation options


With us you can enjoy a wide range of activities during your vacation, holidays, or seminars – something for the quiet nature enthusiast and something for adventure seekers. Something for kids and something for the most serious grown-up. Take a look!
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