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Vihi village, Suure - Jaani parish, Viljandi county


Girls in beautiful dresses, gentlemen in polite jackets, a day full of joy and happiness - a wedding is an uplifting day for the bride, groom and guests alike, which must be full of perfection.


At Vanaõue you will find ...


Accommodation for all guests in comfortable and cozy rooms

Up to 100 guests can be accommodated in Vanaõu: 40 guests can be accommodated in the Main Building and in summer 60 places in campsites. The Main House also has two comfortable suites, one with a jacuzzi and the other with a sauna.

You will find pictures and more detailed information about the accommodation

The best meals for even the most critical foodies

Of course, the wedding does not lack a rich dining table. In Vanaõue, we want to offer you an experience of a memorable taste that is related to the Vanaõue and its surroundings. That's why you will find something delicious in our menu, both locally grown sheep and trout.

Wedding Suggestions To Help You Make A Choice

Organizing a wedding can often be a daunting task, but with the help of professionals you  can make it easier.

A beautiful surrounding for the open dance

The natural courtyard is ideal for an outdoor wedding. The spacious area next to the Main House is always helpful even in the event of a small rainstorm and a great place to spin the wedding waltz with the ensemble.

Saunas to bring even more heat to the evening or morning-after

What better way than a relaxing morning sauna after a wedding? There is a smoke sauna, a log house sauna as well as a Finnish sauna in the Main House  - no guest will be left without a refreshing sauna experience! There is also a comfortable hot tub for up to eight people.
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